The Tie-Dye Trend is More Than “Just a Trend”- Here’s Why:

If you’ve logged onto Instagram *even once* in the last few months, you’ve probably seen some of your favorite influencers decked-out in the comfiest, 90’s-reminiscent outfit sets. And if you’re being honest, you’ve probably thought they look cute as hell, too.  

Arguably some of the most fun pieces of clothing we can wear (and get away with) as adults is anything tie-dye. Sweatsuits, tees, tanks, socks- you name it.

But now that we’re all sheltering-in-place at home, we’re able to wear more comfortable (ahem, fun) clothes, so the tie-dye trend is making a frenetic comeback.

But why is tie dye now suddenly the thing to wear? We’re breaking it down below…

The History of Tie Dye

Prompted to do a little bit of research, I turned to the internet- and a simple Google search for “why is tie dye so trendy right now?” did not disappoint.

I discovered that the tradition of tie-dying originated in prehistoric times and subsequently spread all over the world in various forms (traditional West African textilespre-Columbian Peruvian fabricsJapanese shiborijust to name an impressive few).

However, the term “tie-dye” wasn’t invented until the mid-1960s in the U.S when tie-dye became the unofficial uniform of artists like Janis JoplinJoe Cocker and John Sebastian (who even tie-dyed his own underwear).

Even though the popularity of the tie dye trend has had it’s ups and downs- tie dye clothes truly never go out of style. And with all the craziness going on in the world, it’s no wonder that these bright, fun clothes are making their grand re-entry into the fashion scene.

Tie Dye; 2020’s Biggest Trend?

Lyst recently reported that tie-dye is one of the fastest growing fashion search keywords of the year, and Pinterest says searches for “tie-dye at home” are up 462% in the past few weeks on the site. Search terms like “DIY tie-dye” and “tie-dye sweatsuit” surged in popularity on Google and YouTube the last week of March, and tie-dye kits are among Amazon’s current best sellers in Arts, Crafts, & Sewing.

The other day, I realized the tie-dye sweatshirt I was wearing was being worn… rather unironically. Like, I actually felt super-chic in my old tie dye sweatshirt and even received a few compliments from the resident cool-girls on my Zoom meetings.

So, it made me wonder: why is tie dye so hot right now?

Here’s what I’ve gathered as to why tie dye is so popular, especially now- during COVID-19:

  • You can up-cycle clothes that you already own- without leaving your house.
  • Tie Dye kits are really cheap- ranging from $2.00-$20.00
  • Typically, tie-dyed clothes are soft and comfy- great for those days where you’re work ing from the couch, or your bed (anyone else do that too? just me??)
  • You can revamp your wardrobe with a few boxes of dye, instead of going out and shopping in stores.
  • If you decide to buy a tie-dye set, there are bajillions to choose from, and the fun part is that no two sets will be the same!

Don’t Buy; DIY

Designer tie-dye sets can cost a pretty penny, but many YouTube and TikTok creators are showing how to make tie-dye sweatsuits using fabric dyes and inexpensive clothes.

All you need is something to tie dye (this can literally be a pair of socks, a bandana, a sweatshirt or sweatpants, or even a blanket) some rubber bands and a some dye- which you can usually buy in a kit for $20 or less. Some people are even using bleach to give their clothes a cool tie-dyed effect.

There might be a shortage of jigsaw puzzles on Amazon, but for many people, purchasing a tie-dye kit and transforming an otherwise plain outfit into a rainbow masterpiece is the next best way to unwind and find a little extra joy while stuck at home.

Have you tried making your own tie dye creation during quarantine? How did it go? Drop any tips or tricks in the comments below!


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