I Have Incredibly Sensitive Skin- Here’s My Simple Routine:

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When you think of the word “sensitive” what comes to mind? Easily offended? Quick to react? Same. That’s my skin in a nutshell. Hi, my name is Veronica and I have Sensitive Skin.

It’s really no laughing matter though- and if you have sensitive skin as well, you’ll know the struggle is *so* real.

Try the cute face mask you got at a bridal shower? Nope. Do skin scrubs on a Girl’s Weekend? Don’t even think about it. Facial at the new salon in town? You wouldn’t dare. 

Having sensitive skin can affect your confidence, comfort and daily routine. But it doesn’t have to! After a full decade of trial-and-error, I found a routine that ~mostly~ works for my easily-offended skin- and let me tell you, it wasn’t what I expected. 

As it turns out, a great routine for sensitive skin doesn’t have to cost you your first-born child. Out of all the trillions of skincare products out there, I managed to find a few that work really really well for me.

So. Without further ado… here’s my simple routine for sensitive skin:

In the Morning


When I wake up, I rinse my face with cold water only, and gently pat it dry.

Apparently, an ever-growing number of dermatologists and clinicians are saying that washing your face with a cleanser/soap in the morning is over-hyped. Interesting- right?

What it boils down to is the fact that after a night of sleeping in your bed (and based off of the belief that you regularly wash your sheets/pillowcases) there is literally zero need to clean your face off. Simple as that.

So give your face a rest, and don’t cleanse with any products in the morning.


When my face is dry, I dab on a pearl-sized amount of Neutrogena® Hydro Boost Gel-Cream underneath my baggy eyes. I SWEAR by this product.

*Side note* My boyfriend actually bought me my first tube of this magic goo a few years back when I was complaining about having dry, baggy circles under my eyes, and since then, I’ve used this stuff religiously. I still haven’t found an eye cream that I like more. Homeboy knows how to find the good stuff.

Then, I apply a very thin layer of moisturizer- something with a short list of ingredients, ideally.

I use Nu Skin’s NaPCA Moisturizer and apply it where my face feels the most dry- usually the T-zone, and sometimes my chin.

(A little goes a long way with this moisturizer, so only use a tiny little bit at first, to figure out how much you actually need.)

And ~viola~ that’s all I do for my sensitive skin in the morning.

At Night


I wet my face first, then grab my trusty Creamy Cleansing Lotion from Nu Skin. This is truly the only cleanser that doesn’t leave my skin feeling tight and dry. I usually rub in small circular motions on my forehead, cheeks, nose, and chin.

After a about 30 seconds of cleansing, I rinse it off and gently pat my face dry. Remember to pat your face dry instead of wiping it; dabbing it is wayyyyy more gently and less likely to anger your skin.


Every once in a while (like, literally once a month-ish) I use my St. Ives Apricot Scrub to gently exfoliate, without irritating my skin.

So far this is the only scrub I’ve found that doesn’t make my sensitive skin red and itchy.


After cleansing, I hit my eye bags with a dollop of my Neutrogena® Hydro Boost Gel-Cream, again.

Then, I apply a small amount of my Nu Skin’s NaPCA Moisturizer as well and let that soak in.

*Chef’s kiss*

A Few Notes on Sensitive Skin

When you’re shopping, look for the words “gentle on skin” or “for sensitive skin” on labels. Then, check the ingredients. Like I mentioned above, as a general rule, the fewer ingredients the better.

Steer clear of products with warning labels about skin irritation, and avoid ingredients like:

  • bleach
  • alcohol
  • ammonia
  • ethylene glycol
  • monobutyl acetate
  • sodium hypochlorite
  • and trisodium phosphate

If you’re still learning what makes your skin angry, it’s a smart idea to do a patch test with any new product before you commit. Choose a small section of your skin and dab some on. If you see a reaction within 72 hours, you’ll know it isn’t for you.

Have you found something that works really well for sensitive skin? Share it with us in the comments below!


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