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Tips for Traveling On Your Period

Menstrual cycles can make for one heck of a week- with the intense cramps, weird cravings and painful bloating.

And if that’s not bad enough, sometimes Aunt Flo’s visit syncs with an out-of-town trip and boy howdy is that annoying.

But even though the thought of traveling while you’re on your period sends some of us into an absolute panic- all hope is not lost! The good news is, traveling on your period doesn’t have to suck.

If you are traveling while you’re on your period, I have some tried-and-true tricks to help you have the best travel experience possible. Without further ado, here are my tips for traveling on your period!

Do: Work Out

Even the most minimal physical activity can feel like a chore when you’re menstruating- but if you work through the initial fatigue, you’ll realize that working out is actually one of the best things you can do for your aching body. Trust me on this one.

Exercise relieves aching joints and painful cramps, and gently massages inflamed organs and releases endorphins that act as natural pain relievers

When you’re out of town on your period, try to find a hotel with a gym or a yoga room- or if you don’t have access to that type of facility, take a long (safe) walk around where you’re staying. You get your blood pumping + endorphins flowing, and you get to explore your new surroundings on foot: win/win!

Don’t: Eat/drink Everything in Sight

When I’m menstruating, greasy + fried foods don’t stand a chance around me.

And when I’m traveling, all my healthy-ish habits go head-first out the window. What I’ve realized though, is that while you might feel like it’s okay to give in to your cravings while you’re traveling on your period, it’s super important to set a limit.

Salt and sugar-rich foods may taste reallyyyy good- and make you feel better temporarily- but they will only add to the bloating and severity of your period symptoms later on down the road. 

“Salty foods contribute to the bloating/water retention that women feel around the time of their periods,” says Dr. Angela Jones, OB/GYN. Eating salty foods can also worsen cramps.

Try to make a conscientious effort to cut-back on the junk food- especially if you’re traveling- and opt for fresh, brightly colored foods instead!

And to really kick it up a notch, try to practice intermittent fasting while you’re traveling so you can flush your body of any toxins that might be making you feel even more crummy.

Do: Change Often 

No matter how busy or distracted you may be during your travels, make regular tampon/pad changes a priority.

I know that when you’re traveling it’s easy to forget to change your tampon/pad, but it’s crucial to do so!

It’s incredibly important to change your feminine products every 3-4 hours (even more frequently if your flow is heavy) or your chance of infection will greatly increase, as well as your chances of accidentally leaking and not being able to take care of it right away- which is super uncomfortable.

It’s also common for women to “hold it” when they’re traveling on their period because they don’t want to mess with going to the bathroom- but if the urge strikes, don’t ignore it!

Don’t: Groom “down There”

Obviously, if you’re planning on hitting up the beach or pool at your destination, you want to look your best.

However, you should consider waiting until after Aunt Flo leaves to pick-up your razor or get a wax.

Your body is waaay more sensitive (physically and emotionally – haha lucky us?!) when you’re on your period- so even the most experienced “wax pros” among us will feel more pain, and newly-shaved skin will be more prone to irritation/infection.

This is a time to be comfortable and clean, so instead of shaving/waxing, try throwing these amazing wipes in your bag to keep you feeling fresh and clean, especially if you’re on your period while traveling!

You could also wear a wrap if you’re feeling self-conscious about your bikini area. But just remember: this is a beautiful, natural part of being a woman, and there is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of- whether you choose to groom or not.

DO: Get Lots of Sleep

Sleep is always important, but it’s especially important during your period,

Pulling all-nighters because of a tight travel schedule, or getting less sleep than you are used to can increase the stress hormone cortisol, according to a Women’s Health article. This can lead to imbalanced hormones, which can have an effect on the severity of your period.

If you’re traveling while you’re on your period, make sure to prioritize sleep- even if that means slowing down and forcing yourself to rest.

Periods never seem to come at a good time, but they are especially inconvenient when you’re traveling.

But, even though they annoyingly come at the worst times, periods haven’t ever stopped women from swimming across the Atlantic Ocean or traveling to outer space- so there’s no reason why it should prevent you from taking your road trip.

If you plan ahead, pack the Basic Period Necessities, and take care of your body- you can have an amazing time traveling, even while you’re on your period!

Are you a hardcore traveler that’s never let a little Mother Nature keep you down? Spill your secrets below!

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