The 4 Comfort Foods That Saved My Life This Year

For me, comfort food has always brought me more solace than is probably healthy. I know- it might end up becoming a problem down the road. *dramatic shrug* But, similarly to good music, certain foods just makes me feel good to my core.

And honestly, who couldn’t use a bit more of that this year?

With the end of 2020 upon us, I’ve been reflecting on the foods that have satisfied both my tummy and my heart during the tumultuousness (to put it lightly) of this past year. Good food and good friends can be really stabilizing, so I’m sharing one of those things here; an homage to the comfort foods that got me through this year.

I hope that these recipes bring you comfort, satisfaction and joy, wherever you find yourself as the year comes to a close.

1. Half Baked Harvest’s Instant Pot Pesto Zuppa Toscana

My grandma used to take our whole family out to dinner, “just because.” She loved (and I mean loved) Olive Garden. She passed away a few years ago, and it still makes me ache to think about her loss. Anyway, her favorite thing there was a bowl of their Zuppa Toscana. She would always laugh at herself- and incite giggles from the rest of us- because she could literally never say the name right when ordering.

It was damn adorable.

So, in order to feel close to her and reconnect with that special memory, I went hunting for an easy Zuppa Toscana recipe to make myself. Half Baked Harvest– unsurprisingly- fit the bill perfectly. Made in the Instant Pot, it’s delicious and easy and I can’t stop making it.

2. Pinch of Yum’s Avocado Egg Salad

Now wait- hear me out. I know that egg salad is tYpIcAlLy SuMmEr FoOd- reserved for hot days and picnics and such- but, I don’t see a reason why this easy + delicious lunch has to be relegated to the short summer months.

So I’ve been making this recipe like my life depends on it. And every time I make it, I’m glad I did.

I added a dollop of olive oil mayo to my recent batch, and it was *chef’s kiss*

Play around with your own recipes (I mean c’mon you barely need a recipe for this stuff) and experiment with different bagels and sandwich stuffs. I never cradle my egg salad with anything other than an everything bagel, but… you do you. My 9 year old brother liked this recipe so much when I made it at my parent’s house, that he’s started making his own now. It’s that simple and that tasty.

The question should never be, “Should I make egg salad,” but always, “How much egg salad should I make?” Nothing has been able to break up the lunch-time monotony like my avocado egg salads. I urge you to hop on board.

3. Italian Pastina

One of the foods that I’ve always experienced an unconditional amount of love for is pastina; a tiny star-shaped pasta that my Italian-American mom used to make for us growing up. It’s a silky, rich pasta dish containing an ungodly amount of butter and Parmesan cheese that we used to shovel by the bowlful. Talk about Comfort Food.

Now that I’m an adult, and can make a whole pot for myself, I’m doing just that. You can take your Kraft Mac and Cheese and… IDK… throw that ish away.

I could argue that any time is a good time for a bowl of cheesy Italian pasta, but surviving 2020 was an especially good reason.

4. Gourmet Ramen Noodles

I know exactly what you’re thinking. Let me guess: you’re picturing the .10 packets noodles you used to eat in college. While I (shamefully) admit that I do eat those once in a blue moon, I’ve gone and upped my noodle game.

@Foodsofjane makes a mean gourmet noodle bowl, and I’ve found myself replicating this one more than I’d like to admit this year. FYI the soft-boiled egg is a total game-changer.

With the Organic instant noodles and the gooey ramen egg, you go from broke-college student noodles to waiting-in-line-for-40-minutes-at-a-ramen-joint noodles. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t eat a bowl of ramen at least twice a week these days. You should too. They’re like a hug in a bowl.

What is your go-to Comfort Food? Drop the recipe link below so I can indulge, too! ☺


  1. mamabucher

    Nicely written, my roiling stone daughter! (But I may just be biased 😁). Sweet reference to grandma, and I appreciate the nod.

    Happy New Year!


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