Dressing-Up If You’re Feeling Down: 5 Outfits That Will Boost Your Mood

When it comes to fashion, there are too many rules. But there’s one fashion rule that I believe actually matters- and it’s simple: wear what makes you happy.

It’s been scientifically proven that wearing outfits that make you look good will also help you feel good, too. Win/win.

If you’ve been feeling down lately, here are some of the coolest outfits to copy to boost your mood and get you back to feeling like yourself again.

1. Leandra Medine-Cohen: Accessories

Speaking of accessories- when it comes to my shopping habits lately, my philosophy has been something along the lines of “if Leandra would wear it, so will I.” The queen of accessorizing herself (founder of the cool-girl website, Man Repeller) is proof that you can pep-up even a t-shirt and jeans if you give it the old college try.

If you could you use a mood-boost dig deep into your jewelry stash and throw on the best-and-brightest that you own. The more the better.

2. THIS insane sweater

Hard not to be happy in an outfit like this, right? Grab your brightest cardi (or crochet one this week instead of doom-scrolling), throw it over a neutral-ish dress, and then (since we can’t all live in California during the winter) throw on a pair of jeans, a thick pair of tights or your fave lululemon and you’ve got yourself a mood-boosting ‘fit.

3. Michelle Li: Soft & Sparkly

Is there anything more impractical than sequin shorts? I can’t think of anything. But, is there anything more guaranteed to lift your mood? Also… no.

Enter; the sequin shorts and oh-so-soft sweater duo.

One of the best parts about this outfit is that you can wear it out of the house and you’re guaranteed to bring a smile to other people’s faces- not just your own.

Life is short- wear the sequins.

4. Micaéla Verrelien: Dress-Up Shoes

I simply cannot deny my feelings for a fun dress + some chunky gym shoes. This formula will always win with me: it’s practically flawless.

And it’s easy, comfortable and trendy, too. Copying immediately.

5. Matilda Djerf: Just-Rolled-Out-Of-Bed-Chic

When I was saving outfits for this article, I was like, “I don’t really have a consistent sense of style! These won’t flow, or make any sense!?” But when I had all of these together, I realized- they actually are kind of cohesive? Like, I love contrasting colors and comfortability, and the interplay of casual and dressy,

This outfit is perfect because it’s a marriage of two of my favorite things; sleeping and sunning. For my WFH days, I typically don’t have the energy to put together a beautiful ensemble of clothes- and prioritizing comfort has been an integral part of my daily self-care practice.

My approach to this: a fun pair of linen (or pajama) shorts + a matching long sleeve top + a brightly colored tank or bralette + exactly one piece of fun jewelry- for *added flair*.

So: whose outfits are on your summer moodboard? What’s inspiring you lately? Tell me below!

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